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Do you love powder skiing?
Don't you give up the incredible sensation to sinking skiis in fresh snow ?
So, the Skiarea Valchiavenna is exactly what you need!


Approach freeriding consciously. Go off-piste just when the conditions permit it.
Always check the avalanche bulletin and equip with backpack, ARTVA, shovel and probe.

At Groppera top make an ARTVA check, verify if your avalanche beacon is functioning correctly

Enjoy freeriding within the rules!

itinerary #1

The Canalone

The Canalone, which is singing by the poet Dino Buzzati, is certainly the most famous off-piste itinerary of Skiarea Valchiavenna.
Starting from the Groppera top, go down untill departure of Cima Sole chair lift.

Starting height


Maximum slope


Destination height


itinerary #2

The Camosci

The Camosci has in common with "Canalone", the same start and end point .
At the beginning you have to stay in height, then go on a fantastic declivity under the Groppera cableways station.

Starting height


Maximum slope


Destination height


itinerary #3


ATTENTION inquire about the practicability of the itinerary.

Angeloga is a long itinerary for expert people, with some section to go with skins or carry skis on your shoulders.
The itinerary, starting from Groppera top, twist and turn through the Angeloga pass, then to Chiavenna Refuge, and finish in Fraciscio village.

PLEASE NOTE The arrival is far from skiarea, so, to return to the lifts, you should contact a taxi service, information on arrival at the Genzianella bar and restaurant.

Starting height


Maximum slope


Destination height


Rules of conduct

Attention! The freeride areas are to be considered off-slope. Enter those areas at your own risk.

Follow these simple rules of conduct to practice freeride skiing with more awareness and safety .

  1. Freeride is an extreme sport. This means it is only adressed to expert skiers/snowboarders,adequately geared and prepared for self- rescue on avalanche.
  2. Never alone. Never enter freeride areas alone. If something happens to you , nobody will be able to help you.
  3. If you don't know the freeride zones, we suggest you to go with a mountain guide.
  4. Before you enter the off-piste areas always check the Avalanche Bulletin issue by Centro Nivometeorologico of ARPA Lombardia.
    Remeber that already with a level 3 - considerable the risk of avalanche is possible and especially on drop off ( 30° - 35 °). In some situations are possible natural avalanche of medium - size, and , in isolated cases, even large avalnche. Be careful and move with caution even when the danger level is 1 or 2. Travel strongly not recommended when the level is 3, forbidden with level 4 and 5.
  5. Mandatory gear: freeride skiis or snowboard, ARTVA, backpack,probe and shovel. Helmet is well-recommended! A very snowy area is only apparently safe but it can hide a lot of hazardous like hidden rocks or trees. ARTVA has to be worn with its case , close to the body or in a pocket perfectly zipped up.

Avalanche danger scale

( 1 )


Triggering is generally possible only with high additional loads on very few outer slopes. Small avalanches in isolated areas or extreme terrain. Generally safe avalanche conditions.
( 2 )


Triggering possible with high additional loads mainly on steep slopes. Natural avalanches unlikely; human-triggered avalanches possible. Favourable conditions for ski trips but must adequately consider local hazardous areas.
( 3 )


The detachment is possible by low overloading mainly on steep slopes. In some situation natural avalanches possible; human-triggered avalanches likely. Small avalanches in many areas; or large avalanches in specific areas; or very large avalanches in isolated areas. The possibilities for ski trips are limited and require a good local evaluation.
( 4 )


It is triggering probable even with low additional loads on many steep slopes. In some conditions many natural avalanches of medium size and sometimes of large size. The possibilities for ski trips are severely limited and require high local evaluation.
( 5 )


Many large natural avalanches, even in moderately steep terrain.. Ski trips are generally not possible.

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