General info and COVID-19 regulations

Season 2020/2021

Purchase of Seasonal  Skipass 

In order to  safeguard buyers from the danger of lifts being shut due to the need of observing any eventual restrictive measures as a consequence to the epidemiological emergency, Skiarea Valchiavenna informs that in case of any forced interruption of the services which lasts more than 15 consecutive days, or the impossiblity to reach the area due to government measures, will reimburse the part not used, by issuing vouchers. The voucher will be counted starting from the sixteenth day until the lifts will reopen, that is  until the end of the season expected for the 11th April 2021. 

Refund of Seasonal Skipass bought in Pre-sale 

If all ski lifts during the entire season do not open, all skipasses bought during pre-sale will be fully reimbursed with money. 

New Online shop and Pick Up Box

With a view to constantly develop technology and with the aim of reducing and simplifying methods and times for purchasing ski passes, Skiarea Valchiavenna has implemented and renewed its website and the related online purchase system. Our Arlecchino, Larici Cable Car and Sky Express Funicular offices now have a “Pick Up Box” where you can redeem your ticket purchased online, eliminating waiting times.

Management of Ski lifts

Skiarea Valchiavenna spa has always adopted all measures to prevent and contrast the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic according to the regulations in force. The Company guarantees its commitment to promptly adapt to any future measures aimed at regulating access to facilities, the sanitation of environments or the use of personal protection systems, social distancing, promptly informing users. The D.P.C.M. 24.10.2020 established that, “the lifts are open to amateur skiers only subject to adopting the specific guidelines listed by the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, validated by the Technical Scientific Committee”. As soon as we have new provisions, we will implement them and inform our customers.

User Empowerment

All the measures expected by the regulations in force will be effective only if scrupulously respected by all users. The Company is making great efforts to inform skiers of the measures adopted to combat the epidemic, but every effort will be in vain without the effective collaboration of everybody and without the scrupulous observance of the rules and regulations in force in using lifts and ski slopes.

Latest update 28/10/2020