The new online shop

Don’t be caught unprepared, take advantage of our new online services, which you MUST register to access.

With a view to constant technological development and with the aim of reducing and simplifying the methods and times of purchasing Skipasses, Skiarea Valchiavenna has completely renewed the online purchase system. 

To access our services, you must register and activate your personal profile by following the step-by-step instructions. Registration is also mandatory for those who have already used the old purchasing system in the past.

Once authorised, you can access your reserved area and then proceed with your purchases.

We inform you that the Skiarea Valchiavenna app is no longer active and therefore we suggest to uninstall it from your mobile devices. In your personal profile in the new shop you can still find the page “My chip cards” where you can save the code of your Valchiavenna card for easy recall during the purchase phase.


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